Watye Kigen under the psychosocial sector has ventured on improving the capacity of Primary and Secondary school teachers in the provision of psychosocial care and support for vulnerable children in difficult situations especially Children born in Captivity (Lord’s Resistance Army), Minority groups(South Sudan Children in Acholi schools), Orphans and other vulnerable children, Special Needs Education (SNE) among others, who are placed in schools in the Acholi sub region. It is upon this background that Watye Kigen took the initiative to build the capacity of the teachers so as to improve their skills and knowledge in case management and multi psychosocial support in the schools and even the neighboring communities.

Purpose of the training

The overall objective of this training was to build / refresh the capacity of teachers in improving the psychosocial well-being of children exposed to emergency, post-emergency, Children born in Captivity (Lord’s Resistance Army), minority groups (South Sudan Children in Acholi sub regionschools), orphans and vulnerable children, Special Needs Education (SNE) and even children who were not exposed to emergency situations but experience psychosocial problems at school, family and community. It is also intended to encourage the trainees when they go back to their individual schools to ensure that they play a big role in bringing their colleagues to appreciate the trauma such children go through and hence need no more molestation from teachers and other children.

Specific Objectives of the Training:

The specific objectives of the training include:

  • To build clear understanding of psychosocial principles, concepts and models that are contextual and practical for use by teaching personnel.
  • To deepen teachers understanding about psychosocial support skills and intervention strategies.
  • To support participants define children in need of Psychosocial support and build practical ways through which they can support such children.
  • To strengthen ability of participants to practically and systematically integrate psychosocial support into school programming.

Encourage teachers to be innovative when handling psychosocial interventions in schools eg, through (drama, debates, role play, talking compound, clubs etc).

Watye Ki Gen will therefore work together with these trained teachers in their respective schools to ensure that stigma is reduced to all the marginalized children and students in the different schools hence leading to good performances as well as reducing school drop outs.


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